SuperChefs for Good

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Live Well, Smile is a national dental health and wellness campaign lead by UBC Alumnus Dr. Greg Chang, DMD. With a deep passion for food and fitness, Dr. Greg was inspired to create SuperChefs Entertainment and Dr. Greg’s SuperChefs Cookery for Kids - programs where he could engage children of all ages and demographics to become food literate, capable of making balanced food choices, comfortable with the basics of cooking, aware of our food systems and physically active.

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Dr. Greg's SuperChefs has become a tremendous educational opportunity for children to experience food in a fun and creative way while also empowering them to care for their bodies.  With over six years of Dr. Greg’s Cookery for Kids program experience, Dr. Chang and his team have created a working model of resources easily replicable by dental professionals and public health teams in communities around the world. In October of 2014, SuperChefs for Good was established to bridge the gap between dental office visits and messages of wellness with an overarching goal of making entertainment and cookery programs available to all professionals, corporations and organizations.


To establish dental health as a critical indicator of childhood obesity and malnutrition, and therefore leverage the collective voice of dental professionals, industry, and academia to inform, engage and empower children around issues of good oral hygiene, healthy food choices and physical fitness. 

The Goal

  • Create and share inspiring, fun, healthy eating and nutrition initiatives and resources
  • Promote overall global wellness for dental patients
  • Assist the dental profession, industry and team members to establish creative partnerships that incubate preventative in-office, pediatric-centered, community-based dental programs.
  • To gain support from the dental profession to flip the typical “Don’t eat sweets” dialogue to a positive message that encourages healthy food habits and empowers children to take an active and responsible role in living well. SuperChefs for Good and the Live Well, Smile campaign is enthusiastically spreading the word that it’s "Fun to eat well!"

The Opportunity

SuperChefs for Good is a donor driven outlet of sponsorships; strategic partnerships and alliances that fund the development and continuation of resources and tools made available to the dental industry for use and promotion of the Live Well, Smile campaign.

Act Now!

As SuperChefs for Good continues to scale programs and ideas worldwide, Dr. Greg would like to invite you to stand up and take part of Live Well, Smile! in whatever capacity fits your company, organization, or communities you serve. We encourage you to get started now by going online and clicking on the donate button.

Together we can achieve successful behavioral outcomes that will have an immediate impact and create a healthier world!